People the world over

share many differences.

Different tastes.

Different habits.

Different ways of thinking.

So why should we share the same operating system?

Introducing Fira

An operating system built for Indonesian mobile consumers

We look at the unique mobile habits that make Indonesian consumers special, and then create solutions that make them do things faster, better and simpler.

Basically, we make your smartphone smarter.


We have redesigned the Launcher to better serve it's most essential purpose. Providing easy, and speedy access to the phone's most common uses.

The meticulously designed layout is not only a matter of good design, but also function.

It is also the only launcher that allows phone credit monitoring and reminder feature.


We designed the messaging platform from scratch in order to provide a more natural communication platform that is personal, and also conversational.


At the end of the day, the phone's main purpose is to make and receive calls, and our Contact screen makes this experience extremely pleasant.

Your call history aren't only listed by time, but also by contacts, making it easy to search and track your call histories.

In addition, it comes with a linked directory service, allowing you to search for contact details of businesses in your area, even when they are not in your contact list.


In today's Selfie culture, it's all about taking that perfect picture, and thus our camera comes with a plethora of filters, easy to use timer and an advanced state of the art photo enhancement system.

Taking the perfect selfie had never been easier.

Fira TV

Today, everyone seems to spend more time on the road, and have less time for themselves. With very limited time left for leisure, Fira TV provides a much needed relief from the pressure of urban lifestyle. Delivering 24 hours of entertainment and information service from your favourite entertainment network, accessible from any location at any time of the day.