Introducing Fira OS

An operating system developed specifically for the Indonesian consumer, designed to make their smartphone, smarter.

Smarter Smartphone Experience

Finely tuned enhancements that allows you to do things faster, better and simpler.

Advancing the Indonesian mobile consumer experience, by turning local insights into an array of innovative mobile enhancements, features and solutions.

Fira UI

Enhancements that not only add features to the smartphone, but also makes it easier and more pleasant to use.

Fira Pay

Put away your bank tokens and no need to reach for that wallet, with Fira Pay mobile transactions are built in into the OS, so all you need to make payment is well, your phone*.

*Only available for Fira Store at the moment

Fira Store

All of your digital needs taken care of, readily available on your fingertips. No more emergency runs to the ATM when that dreaded electricity alarm goes beeping in the middle of the night. Fira Store comes ready with instant access to phone credits reloads, PLN Tokens , game vouchers and many more to come*.

*update will come continuosly

Fira ID

Fira ID securely integrates all your private and payment data into the phone’s operating system, acting as a master ID to all of the services Fira has to offer. From entertainment to online payment, everything just becomes much much more practical and convenient*.

*update will come continuosly



lines of code


hours of design


cups of coffee

number of ideas

and more will come!

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